The Walking Dead Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Comments On Rick Grimes’ Turn To The Dark Side

In a recent interview, Andrew Lincoln commented on Rick Grimes’ brutal killing of Gareth on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead and whether Rick no longer questions his own humanity.

“It was something I asked of [executive producer Scott Gimple] when that scene happened,” Lincoln said to “I do think that this season is very much about Rick letting go of the past and the old world in order to navigate this new world. I think it was a watershed moment of clear-cut decision-making. The scene at the trough that began the season was the most perilous [situation] they’ve ever been in. I think that probably scared Rick. He’s hyper-vigilant now. He has to be in this world. Getting rid of the problem is, in that situation, the only solution. It is a brutal killing, but I was very keen for it not to be an indulgent moment. You just see a man getting exhausted by it. It wasn’t an emotional moment. This is about squashing this and getting rid of the threat.”

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