Dana White Finally Admits That Aldo/McGregor Might Be Next If McGregor Can Beat Siver

While fans have been waiting for the Jose Aldo/Conor McGregor showdown, there is finally a glimmer of hope.

Despite Dennis Siver being his next opponent, Conor McGregor has been pining for a shot at the featherweight strap and even made sure his presence was known by sitting cageside for the champion’s recent title defense at UFC 179.

At the post-UFC 179 press, UFC head honcho Dana White opened up about how fans are criticizing the decision to book Dennis Siver as Conor McGregor’s next opponent but did admit that he might not able to resist giving the Irish fight a shot at the belt if he did win.

“A lot of people are dismissing Siver and saying this fight is ridiculous,” White said of the McGregor and Siver bout. “Siver knows exactly what happens if he comes in and beats Conor McGregor. It’s a huge win for him; you know he’s going to take the fight serious and he’s going to come in to try and win, so there’s no sense in really even talking about the Aldo fight.

“But if (McGregor) should win, we would definitely be interested in making that fight. But this has to happen first. Let the Siver fight happen first, and we’ll see how everything else plays out.”

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Source: MMAJunkie.com