The Flash Spoilers: Arrow‘s Felicity Heads To Central City For Awkward Double Date With Barry, Iris & Eddie

It’s easy to see why Olicity fans get as frustrated as they do.

In tonight’s all-new episode of The Flash, Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) heads to Central City to visit Barry now that he is out of his coma. This will lead to the pair joining Barry’s crush Iris and her boyfriend Eddie for an incredibly strange double date.

“It’s pretty awkward,” Grant Gustin told “For the audience, it’s going to be very funny and enjoyable. It’s not a typical double date. It’s more like [an] awkward game night between friends.”

Iris (Candice Patton) is apparently the one who initiates the double date hoping to push the pair into a romance.

“Immediately, Iris can see that Barry and Felicity are both super nerds and they speak the same nerd language — so for them to be together just makes sense to Iris,” Patton said. “She sees Felicity and thinks, ‘Barry, what is wrong with you? Why wouldn’t you go after this girl?'”

The scene reportedly even captured interest from other cast members.

“Jesse [L. Martin] was actually sitting at Jitters — we have a balcony above — and he was watching the scene,” Rick Cosnett, who plays Eddie, said. “Every time we cut, he just burst out laughing. ‘Cause there’s so much going on. From the get-go, it’s just a mess. Some people are sweating, some people are flirting.”

In this trailer:

it appears that the Barry and Allen kiss in the episode, but Grant Gustin hinted that this is just a red herring.

“It looks like we’re about to kiss. You don’t see us kiss though, so I don’t know,” Gustin said.

Arrow fans who still desperately want to see Oliver and Felicity together can take solace in the fact that this episode should finalize what Barry and Felicity truly are to each other as Gustin described them as “old friends.”

“They’re comfortable with each other, and they have more fun than you’ve seen them have,” Gustin said. “But it’s pretty clear by the end of the episode what their relationship is,” the actor concludes before changing his mind. “I guess that’s not true.”