Luke Rockhold Admits That He Genuinly Dislikes Michael Bisping, Claims Feud Isn’t Just Made-Up To Hype Contest

Does Michael Bisping need to trash talk in order to motivate himself for his fights?

There are some in the MMA community who believe that just might be the case given the Brit’s war of words prior to almost every match he has competed in.

With that said, Bisping’s next opponent seems to have a genuine distaste for him. One that stretches far beyond just selling the fight to fans.

“There’s genuine dislike, for me at least, for Michael,” Rockhold said to “I don’t like the way the guy carries himself. I don’t get too emotional. I don’t really get into these bickering wars with most people, unless I don’t like somebody. There have really only been two guys I’ve gone at it with, and that’s (Bisping) and Vitor. I’ve learned how to separate myself from getting too emotional over it. I did that with Vitor, and it’s not going to happen again.”

Rockhold, also offered his own theory as to why Bisping seems to find himself in so many rivalries.

“Because he’s a prick and most people don’t like him,” Rockhold said. “I think that’s it, straight up.”

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