Scott Coker Outlines His Vision For Bellator, Says He Wants To Put On Fights Fans Want To See All The Time

Scott Coker is known for being a visionary in the world of MMA promotion and after leaving Strikeforce and taking over the day-to-day operations of Bellator in June of this year, he hasn’t been able to fully leave his signature on his new company.

He plans to change that in the new year.

In a recent interview with MMA Fight Corner, Coker offered his upcoming plans for Bellator.

“To me, we have to put on fights that fans want to see, fights that grab television ratings, fights that put butts in seats and fights that the media wants to cover. That’s really the point of it and it’s worked for me in the past when we were running Strikeforce and put on big, big fights. And we’ll get there.

“I’ve only been there four months now. It’s going to take time, but get us to the first of the year and I think you’ll see a big change in the stars and we’ll have some new stars that we’re building from the ground up. I think that we’re very good star identifiers and star builders and I think our past has proven that. We’ll look upon free agency when fighters are free and we’ll do our best to sign them up. We’re going to build from the top down and we’re going to build from the bottom up and that’s going to be a good formula.”

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