The Walking Dead Spoilers: Why Did Rick Let Glenn & Maggie Go? Andrew Lincoln Explains His Character’s Change Of Heart

While the point was severely underdeveloped on Sunday’s episode amidst the bloody church massacre, Walking Dead fans are still reeling from the notion that Rick let Glenn and Maggie separate from the group and go with Abraham to Washington.

In a recent interview with, Andrew Lincoln explain the decision and how Rick will have a change of heart and decide to take the group to D.C.

“We’ve always realized that there’s strength in numbers,” Lincoln said. “You have to [stick together], particularly if you’re on the road again and very exposed. We are both those things — we’re reeling at the moment. He’s doing everything in his power to keep everybody going forward, until we find something safe to hold onto, which is one of the reasons why he goes along with the D.C. plan. People need a horizon. When they’re distressed and in fear of their lives, people need something to look to.”