Is Marvel Finally Retconning Amazing Spider-Man’s “One More Day”?

Entertainment Weekly posted this teaser picture this morning…

Personally, I have enjoyed a lot of Spider-Man since One More Day…BUT…I grew up with Spidey and MJ being married, and this change always left a bad taste in my mouth the cheap way Marvel retconned their marriage out of existence. I think Marvel really owes us this one, especially the way they killed off Spider-Girl’s family a few weeks ago

Marvel has been doing a lot of teases for 2015. I keep expecting some kind of massive “Crisis” or “New 52” like realigning of the Marvel universe, and if this is one of the results, I would be a very happy Spider-Fan.

I also want to compliment Andy Kubert. There is a ton of beautiful detail in that piece, and I would love it as a poster.

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