The Flash Spoilers: Iris’ Obsession With The Red Steak To Cause Issues With BF, Eddie Also Learns Of Barry’s Attraction To His GF

It appears that Iris’ hot pursuit of the Red Streak will cause some issues for her budding new relationship.

According to Rick Cosnett (who plays Eddie), Iris’ need to learn more about Central City’s new hero is a “point of contention” in her current relationship.

“What’s happening with that, how she’s investigating it, how he reacts to it and how it affects their dynamic is quite a big point of contention,” Cosnett told

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Eddie will also start to see that Barry has feelings for Iris, which will also cause some tension.

“Eddie starts to get the impression that there is more than meets the eye, at least with Barry, and he will confront Iris about that,” Candice Patton told TVLine.