Francisco Rivera Thinks Somebody Turned Down A Fight With Urijah Faber

Francisco Rivera seems confused.

The bantamweight who is set to take on Urijah Faber on the FOX Sports 1 prelims of UFC 181 on December 6 says he doesn’t understand why the match didn’t make the PPV.

“I don’t know what happened,” Rivera told MMAjunkie Radio. “I guess they didn’t book it early enough, or promote it enough, but they called me. Somebody must have turned down Urijah, and of course, I can’t turn down a life-changing opportunity like that.”

Despite where he is placed on the card, Rivera seems thankful for the opportunity.

“I really didn’t think about it when I started fighting, but when I got better and started winning more fights, I thought I might end up fighting this guy one day,” he said. “(I thought) that would be a dream come true, no matter what happens. That has to be one of the best moments in my career, one of the most notable guys in the UFC, so it’s going to be one of my dreams come true in fighting Urijah.”

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