Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Tour Interview With So You Think You Can Dance 11‘s Jacque LeWarne & Bridget Whitman


I had the chance to interview So You Think You Can Dance 11‘s Jacque LeWarne & Bridget Whitman on October 26, 2014 just before their Live! Tour Stop at Hamilton Place Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario.

In our interview, we discussed a variety of topics including how well they worked with their partners (Zack and Emilio respectively). I also asked them to discuss why So You You Think You Can Dance competitors never look at the show as a competition. I revealed that if I was in a competition against somebody, I would likely do anything in my power to make sure that I always look my best and that my competition looks their worst but that this never seems to happen on SYTYCD because of the familial sense of community that the show provides and they opened up more about this. We also talked about the technical nature of this season and how it differed from recent seasons that seemed to revolve around a hip hop dancer picking up new genres. I asked Jacque about where her relationship with Rudy currently stands and also told her how funny his answer was to the same question. Bridget detailed how nerve-wracking it is to perform and knowing that the judges critiques will air on national TV and live on the internet forever. The pair also talked about their favourite city on the tour thus far. The pair also revealed their plans for after the tour.

As Jacque and Bridget were my two favourite dancers on the tour this year, I could let them go without ask them to teach me a dance move and you can feel free to laugh at my lack of coordination in the video above!

The So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Live! Tour runs until February 12. For a full list of participating cities and ticket information, please visit

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