The Walking Dead News: Emily Kinney Opens Up About Last Night’s Creepy Lollipop Scene

Beth finally returned to The Walking Dead last night and one of the most jaw-dropping scenes involved a lollipop.

In a recent interview with EW, Emily Kinney opened up about the creepy scene with Officer Gorman.

“Luckily, the actor who plays Gorman is actually a really nice guy, but he was very, very good at being really creepy,” Kinney said. “It was uncomfortable, but it’s uncomfortable for Beth. Unfortunately, I do feel — maybe not to that extent — but I do feel like most women and most girls know what it feels like to have that kind of male aggressiveness. Unfortunately, I do feel like I understood that feeling — even though maybe nothing that extreme, but I do feel like a lot of women and girls have felt that unwanted attention and power trip kind of thing. So unfortunately, I did feel like I knew how that felt. I knew how Beth felt in that moment.”

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