The Walking Dead Spoilers: What Will Beth Do With The Weapon? Who Will She Stab?

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead ended with a newly-motivated Beth ready to take out her captors at the hospitals with a weapon she procured.

Now the question is who she will go after.

In a recent interview with EW, Beth’s portrayer, Emily Kinney opened up about the final scene of the episode and how Carol arriving at the hospital will impact the decision she makes about who to kill.

“I don’t think she knows exactly what her plan is,” Kinney said. “Those last two scenes with Dawn and Edward are moments where you see Beth at a different level, where it’s almost like, I know I don’t like these people. There’s almost a numbness and a fearlessness and there’s no filter anymore. She’s not trying to make friends with anyone here. She’s just going by gut instinct, like if she wants to grab a knife and stab someone, she’s gonna do it. If she wants to run down this hallway, she’s gonna do it. She’s just gonna do whatever she wants. She doesn’t care what these people think and they can beat her up as much as they want. But then I do think that moment where she sees Carol does snap her out of it, and she starts to remember her family and she thinks, oh, maybe we can do something here. It’s not just me on my own in this place now.”

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