The Walking Dead Spoilers: Why Was Beth Happy That Noah Got Out Of The Hospital?

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead finally introduced Noah to the television audience.

While Noah assisted Beth in escaping the hospital, he had no problem leaving her behind to secure his own freedom when she was recaptured. Despite this, Beth seemed happy that her co-conspirator managed to find his way out.

In a recent interview with EW, Emily Kinney explained why her character smiled at seeing Noah leave her behind.

“Why’d he leave me? But I feel like Beth is really happy for him when he gets out,” Kinney said. “And I hope that the audience knows that in that moment, even though she’s caught, that she is not caught. Yeah, they got her and they’re going to take her back into the hospital and all of that, but she is in a new place. I get the feeling that she’s just going to keep trying to run out of there. They don’t have power over her, in a certain way. She’s gained a fearlessness. And I think she’s really proud of herself, even though she didn’t get out — that she knows Noah got out.”

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