Nate Marquardt Talks Brad Tavares Ahead Of UFC 182

Nate Marquardt wants to build some momentum.

After using an armbar to submit James Te Huna in Juna (which snapped his three fight losing streak), the former Strikeforce welterweight champion now has his focus squarely on his next opponent, Brad Tavares, at UFC 182.

Marquardt recently talked to Submission Radio about the match.

“He’s a very tough fighter. He looks strong and he looks like he’s tough,” Marquardt said. “Like he can take a punch and he can recover from bad positions. He’s a very good striker, he’s got good combinations, good kicks, good punches, good knees and he gets up well off the ground. Even in the fight where he fought Yoel Romero he was able to get up off the ground every single time. He was never held for very long really. So I was really surprised at that.”

“I kind of look at this fight real similar to my last fight as far as game plan, because I feel like it’s something if I come in with a super set game plan it might steer me in the wrong direction, but we’re going to look at some technical aspects of the fight and then sure there’s going to be opportunities for specific things, but I’m not gonna try to dictate one specific game plan or another.”

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