Rory MacDonald Says He Is ‘Impressed’ By Conor McGregor Fighting Skills, Not Just His Mic Work


It appears Conor McGregor has a fan in Rory MacDonald.

The UFC’s top welterweight contender appeared on yesterday’s edition of The MMA Hour in advance of his November 22 jiu-jitsu match against J.T. Torress at Metamoris and commented on the Irish featherweight who everybody seems to have an opinion on (including MacDonald).

“Yeah, I’m really impressed by him,” MacDonald said. “His movement and striking, it’s got my attention for sure. I want to emulate some of it for sure.”

MacDonald went on to say that appreciates what McGregor brings into the Octagon and not just what he does outside of it.

“He’s doing the right thing to get noticed quick,” he said. “But I think he would have done it anyway with his skill set. I’m more of a fan of his skills. The way he talks is the way he talks, but I’m more of a fan of his work in the cage. His movement, his confidence, and there’s a lot of little technical things he does with his striking that I think I could use. I like it. It’s new.”

MacDonald also expressed an interest in going to Ireland to train with McGregor at some point in the future.