The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Juicy Details On Damon & Elena’s Reunion

Damon’s back and all he wants is Elena.

The show’s boss Julie Plec spoke to E! Online and discussed how the reunion will go.

“Now that Damon’s finally back, he won’t waste another second being without Elena,” Plec said. “But with her memories compelled away, she’s not nearly as enthused by the prospect of seeing him. Stefan was feeling lost, but the look on his face when Damon returned in last week’s episode says it all. The bond between these brothers is stronger than ever. When it comes to Damon, without the good, there’s a whole lot of bad. And Elena’s still very much focused on that. However, not knowing the full story of their relationship will eventually begin to gnaw at her, and she’ll have to decide if that’s something she can live with.”


Source: E! Online