10 Thoughts On.. Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Episode 6 Review

1. It was tough seeing Dale go. I appreciated the fact that he didn’t quit until the end and I liked him pulling a Bob Crowley and attempting to make his own idol as a final means to save himself. I guess we know where Kelley gets her resolve from and it was a tough break that this father/daughter duo didn’t get further.

2. I am fascinated by Jon’s edit. I initially predicted him as this year’s winner. I believed he was getting a golden boy edit but in recent episodes, everything seems to have been turned on its head. It’s like producers want us to focus on the fact that Jon is making bad decisions. First, by sticking with Drew. Then by eliminating Kelley. Now by taking out Dale (who undoubtedly would have remained fiercely loyal to him until the end). If Jon does turn out to be this year’s winner, it will be one of the most interesting winner edits since Fabio.

3. While I like Blood vs. Water seasons, inevitably they will always turn out the same way. The singles battling the couples. I have every confidence that the same thing wil happen this time around as well. There needs to be a way to fix this flaw in the system.

4. Reed and Josh absolutely owned this past episode from beginning to end. Many Survivor players come out and say that they are big fans of the show. The way that you can really tell is by how well they do on the puzzles. Reed and Josh absolutely owned them and I like the games that both are playing. I wish Reed had a little more killer instinct, but I am hoping we have yet to see it.

5. The best players right now are Jeremy and Natalie. They have their eyes on the prize and have some great extra votes in Julie and Alec. They recognize what they have to do (align the singles) and at times I feel like they are the only ones playing this season (along with Josh).

6. Tonight’s episode will determine a lot. The merge episode is always critical and I believe a line will be drawn where we will be able to determine if the singles or the couples will come out victorious this year.

7. Do not underestimate the way Keith is playing. I am a big fan of the effective way he has managed to hide his hidden immunity idol and bring it with him all the way to the merge. I think he has a shot at going deep into the game with Wes (if they stick with the couples). Keith’s only problem might be Jeremy as trying to get rid of the firefighter might prove to be his downfall.

8. It’s interesting that Natalie is now aligned with Missy/Baylor, as the mother and daughter were the ones who basically eliminated Natalie’s former ally Kelley. It’s these kinds of things that make me love Survivor. Friends can become enemies. Enemies can become friends.

9. I miss John Rocker.

10. While we have some good blindsides this season, I want to see some bloody betrayals. I think we are close to seeing some. Hopefully there will be one tonight.