Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: Following Bobby’s Death, Mark Boone Junior Reflects On His Favorite Scene From The Series

Now that he is officially wrapped on Sons of Anarchy, Mark Boone Junior reflected on his favourite scene from the series.

The actor who famously played Bobby on the show, went all the way back to the show’s fourth season to call upon his best moment.

There’s a scene between Charlie and I that happens at the table between us,” he told “I believe it was Season 4, and we’re talking about why Clay couldn’t be killed. Jax wants to kill him. In fact, Bobby wants to kill him, too, but according to the laws of the club, he felt it wasn’t appropriate. And that scene was one of my favorite scenes that I did. In general, it’s the camaraderie that we’ve established between us as club members. And that spread out, too. Maggie [Siff] was definitely part of that, and that’s the thing that will stay with me through my whole life.”