Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Mark Boone Junior Discusses Bobby’s Death & If Gemma Will Ever Pay

Another one bit the dust on Sons of Anarchy, and once again it can be traced back to Gemma.

Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) was put out of his misery at the hands of August Marks and the actor talked to about his surprising demise.

“I’ve gotten into a very regular habit, after doing this show for seven years, of not trying to predict what’s going to happen,” Boone said. “When I read that I was getting shot at that moment, it didn’t surprise me at all. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t affect me!”

The actor did say that he thought his character would have preferred to stay alive despite losing an eye and a finger.

“Come on, who needs two eyes and two hands? I had a good chunk of my hand. They didn’t take my thumb, and that’s all you need. There’s a lot of prosthetics these days. In fact, you can probably get a fake eye these days that works pretty well. Bobby would’ve preferred to be alive, yes. [Laughs] I am very sure that Bobby would have preferred to be alive.”

He also opened up about whether he thought Gemma would pay for all of the blood she has indirectly spilled.

“Gemma is responsible for the whole deal, yes! This is all on Gemma, every bit of it,” he said. “That’s what the whole season is about, every time there’s a casualty… Gemma’s like a mythological monster. There’s no woman that’s ever existed in the history of motorcycle clubs like her. Will the dragon be slayed? I don’t know.”