The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: What’s Going To Happen To Kai? What Are The Sociopath’s True Intentions?

While some believe that Bonne sending Damon home is a signal for Kai to be exiting the series, that would be an incorrect presumption.

In a recent interview with E! Online, Christopher Wood said that his character would be sticking around and that fans of the show will learn more about his background.

“We know that the reason that he’s locked in this prison world is because he massacred his family,” Wood said. “But we don’t necessarily quite know much about what he was like before that incident. Was he a good kid? Was he normal? Did something happen to him? Or was he always difficult and challenging and this was just one of many things that happened? We’ll learn more about that as the show goes on.”

In addition, Wood explained that audiences will see what Kai’s true intentions are.

“For me the most fun elements of Kai is learning what he can, can’t and is trying to do,” Wood said. “Nothing is ever what it seems with Kai and I think that his connection to Bonnie and Damon at the moment and what he wants to do and plans to do when he gets out of this prison world is going to be very exciting for fans to see.”


Source: E! Online