Wednesday Comments – The Backlog

I’m so far behind on my reading. It’s nearly daunting how far behind I am with comics. I’m essentially four weeks behind on my books and I really don’t know if I’m going to be able to catch up.

I usually fall behind if I go on a trip or hang out with family. When I hang out with family I tend to, you know, focus on them. And going on a trip means that you generally aren’t going to have time to read, because you’re soaking up the place you’re visiting. Plus there’s generally a Wednesday that falls during either occasion, so that’s like two weeks of books right there.

But this time I feel behind because of a confluence of events.

The last couple months I’ve been slacking off on getting my books right on Wednesday. Batman day was such chore that I shied away from the Wednesday pick up. Then NYCC hit, and I decided that since I was going to be in Midtown, I’d pick up my books one day on the way home from the con.

A few weeks back I had a project I was working on that ate into my free time and then the following week I fell under the weather. Plus I’m sure that all of the comic book related tv shows have cut into my reading time as well.

But I’ve basically never caught up from NYCC. I still haven’t even picked up last week’s books and this week’s have already arrived. And I’ve already got a healthy stack of unread books just hanging out.

The funny thing about a backlog is that it really causes you prioritize. So like I’ve been keeping pretty current with DC’s weeklies, in that I’ve read what I have in the apartment. Image books like Lazarus and The Walking Dead have been read, as have Geoff Johns latest issues of Superman and Justice League. But that’s effectively it.

There are definitely some books that are towards the bottom of the reading list. Dead Boy Detectives is a book that I’ve been perpetually four issues behind on. Part of that is because it’s a book that’s set up with arcs and part of that is because I’m not super into it. It both hasn’t hooked me and has stayed off my radar so as to avoid getting dropped.

The fact that I’ve got two weeks worth of books waiting to be picked up is intimidating. On the plus side, last week DC predominately published annuals, so it’s going to be lighter for me. But it’s still two weeks worth of books.

And another problem with not having picked up my books last week is that, while I do have a pull list, I also grab from the racks. These are titles that I do pick up regularly and just haven’t put them on my list yet. But missing a week increased the likelihood that they’ll slip through the cracks and I’ll miss an issue.

Jeez. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, but at this moment being a fanboy is giving me some anxiety.

Well, hopefully I’ll be caught up by the column next week. Or at least I’ll have made a dent.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, so go out get some fresh new comics from your local comic shop.