Elementary Spoilers: Will Sherlock Give Andrew His Blessing?

With Sherlock poised to meet Joan’s new boyfriend in next Thursday’s episode of Elementary, you would think that he would have an issue with her personal life take precedence over her professional one.

Fortunately, that is not the case.

TVLine.com recently spoke to the show’s EP Rob Doherty who said there is no cause for concern from Sherlock’s end.

“Because Sherlock does not have romantic feelings for Joan, it’s not as uncomfortable as it might be,” Doherty said. “I would say a year ago, he may have seen Andrew as a threat to the partnership and to the work that they do. But for having gone down the road that he did, knowing that he made some mistakes when he left for London, he’s hardly in a position to be judgmental of the relationship.”


Source: TVLine.com