Inhumans: Attilan Rising… As Marvel Falls In Secret Wars 2015?

From Entertainment Weekly.

All-New Avengers Now Secret Wars Summer 2015 Marvel Then Inhumans Attilan Rising

As you may have read earlier this week, something weird is going on at Marvel. The comic book publisher has been releasing a steady trickle of cryptic teasers alluding to previous stories, all hinting at a Summer 2015 date. Today, EW has an exclusive on the latest teaser, Inhumans: Attilan Rising.

This one is pretty different from the other teasers released so far—Attilan Rising is the name of an entirely new story set in current continuity, not a classic one. It alludes to the end of Infinity, last year’s big Avengers crossover. In Infinity, Attilan, the floating throne-city of the Inhumans, was destroyed and crashed to the planet Earth, with the Inhuman king Black Bolt MIA in the fallout. Attilan Rising, then, looks like Black Bolt is poised to rebuild his his fallen kingdom—over the bodies of the current X-Men and the All-New Avengers.

Marvel remains tight-lipped about their end game with all these teasers, but does confirm that they are building to a reveal that promises to make everything clear.

Skitch Commentary: One thing this column taught me is that I can’t spell Attilan. I had to retype like six times when I was putting the headline together.

I give Marvel a lot of credit for managing to get so many of these teasers announced first in Entertainment Weekly.  Personally, this is the one I really don’t care about.  I have never really had any interest in the Inhumans, and Marvel’s periodic attempts to shove them down our throats has never helped that issue.

As Entertainment Weekly mentioned, this was the first teaser that didn’t really rely on nostalgia.  Most of the other announcements revolved around words and phrases that have a lot of meaning to Marvel readers…Civil War, Infinity Gauntlet, Days of Future Past, House of M for example. Instead, this one focused entirely on Black Bolt and company. It’s a great looking cover, but nothing that really jumps out at me as something I should care about. People will once more tell Marvel “WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE INHUMANS” and they will fade to obscurity until someone tries again in a few years…probably when the movie comes out.

Editor’s Note: Rumors are that Marvel is pushing Inhumans as their new X-Men as Fox retains the film rights to X-Men and Marvel Studios wants to put out an X-Men type film. That may explain so much of Marvel’s publishing plan over the last few years involving the Inhumans and their massive proliferation of the Marvel 616 Universe in the pages of Infinity.

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