Mark Hunt Opens Up About Tough Weight Cut Ahead Of Him Prior To Title Fight Against Fabricio Werdum

Mark Hunt is a big guy and one who will need to get less big in a hurry in order to step in the Octagon to fight for the title.

Hunt will need to lose 23.1 pounds in the next couple of weeks to make weight for his title shot against Fabricio Werdum.

The heavyweight really talked to Submission Radio about the obstacles ahead.

“The thing about this is I didn’t get much time for this to be honest,” Hunt told Submission Radio. “It’s like three weeks, two and a half weeks. So losing ten and a half kilos in two and a half weeks is not an easy task. And also coming over to the other side of the world. ‘Cause I’m living in Sydney, so when my family is going to sleep, I’m getting up. But it’s a totally different side of the world, and when you teach your brain how to do certain things, you teach yourself it’s time to get up, you teach yourself it’s time for breakfast, it’s time for training, you know all that sort of jazz and you have to teach these things to your wife, and then when you get to the other side of the world it’s the totally opposite.”

Hunt said that he has every confidence that cutting the weight won’t be problematic.

“Yeah of course. I’ve got no excuse about not making weight in three weeks. Even ten and a half kilos. I gotta talk to Dana about a few things, but you know if you can’t make weight, don’t take the fight. We’ll just chew an arm off. I’ve got a lot of weight on me (that) I can lose, so it doesn’t matter. I’m making weight so there’s no problem.”

The New Zealand native has been in this situation before and says his experience of cutting weight close to fight dates is nothing new.

“That would’ve been my third weight cut ever. So I’m just starting to get used to how this all works, you know what I mean? Unlike the smaller guys that have to fight and make weight, now those guys hardly have a bit of fat on them. I’m a big guy with a lot of fat on me so it’s easy for me to lose it.

“I’m getting used to these things. I know how far I’m at and what I can cut, so I think the media exaggerates a bit about certain things.”

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