The Flash Spoilers: Full Preview For Tuesday’s All New Episode, Plastique Set To Debut

A new case will land on Joe’s desk in Tuesday’s new episode of The Flash.

The problem is that he won’t be the lead on it as General Eiling (along with his army) takes over to solve a case involving bombs. What Joe doesn’t know, however, is that General Eiling has been experimenting with creating his own breed of indestructible army men.

Here’s a full preview of the episode which will introduce Plastique.

“After a bomb goes off downtown, the army, led by General Eiling, rolls in and takes over the case, much to Joe’s surprise. Suspicious, Joe tells Barry that he and his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs should look into the army’s involvement. Wells informs the team that Eiling was experimenting on his men to turn them into super soldiers. Cisco confirms one of Eiling’s soldiers, Bette Sans Souci, was at the bomb site. The Flash tracks her down and realizes that she’s not setting off the bombs, she is a meta-human who can blow things up just by touching them. Meanwhile, when Joe learns Iris is writing about “the streak,” he tells Barry to make her stop. Barry realizes Iris won’t listen to him so he decides to have The Flash pay her a visit.”