Chris Weidman Says He Would Accept Third Fight Against Anderson Silva, Says It Would Be ‘Easy Payday’

It’s funny how the middleweight title comes with an aura of confidence.

When Anderson Silva held the strap, he was known for wearing it with swagger and a belief that he could beat anyone. He would taunt challengers during matches and became the definition of a love-him-or-hate-him fighter. That was until he was stopped twice by current champion, Chris Weidman.

Once believed to the complete antithesis of Silva, the down-to-earth and tough-as-nails Weidman wasn’t a showman and focused on what he had to do in the Octagon. The undefeated fighter, however, has slowly assumed the role of champion and proved it in a recent interview with FOX Sports when asked about potentially meeting Silva for a third fight.

“Anderson Silva a third time? If that’s what people want to see then it will happen. Easy payday? Yeah pretty much. With all due respect.”

“With all due respect to the division, no one is beating me at 185. Sorry. I think everybody is talented. I think everyone has a threat, but none of them are beating me.”

Weidman defends his belt against Vitor Belfort at UFC 184 on February 28.

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