In Package Images Of Hasbro’s The Avengers Marvel Legends: The Allfather Series

Hasbro has released some brand new in package & prototype images of the next series of Marvel Legends. Included in the set are:

-Iron Fist
-Avenging Allies (The Sentry & Machine Man)
-Maidens of Might (Scarlet Witch & Captain Marvel)

Each figure will include a piece to build Odin the Allfather. The 2 swap out figures (Machine Man & Captain Marvel) will include swap out pieced to turn Odin into King Thor.

Look for these figures in stores in early 2015!

B1481EU40_5010994844578_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]

B1481AS00_630509273898_main_14[Large 300DPI]

B1480EU40_5010994844578_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]

B1480AS00_630509273904_main_14[Large 300DPI]

B1479EU40_5010994844578_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]

B1479AS00_630509273911_main_14[Large 300DPI]

B1478EU40_5010994844578_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]

B1478AS00_630509273928_main_14[Large 300DPI]

B1477EU40_5010994844578_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]

B1477AS00_630509273942_main_14[Large 300DPI]

B1476EU40_5010994844578_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]

B1476AS00_630509273959_main_14[Large 300DPI]

B1475EU40_5010994844578_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]

B1475AS00_630509273966_main_14[Large 300DPI]

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