Sergey Kovalev Beats Bernard Hopkins By Decision, Hopkins To Retire?

On Saturday, Sergey Kovalev beat Bernard Hopkins by unanimous decision and the loss could finally see the boxing legend hang up his gloves for good.

In the twelfth round of their fight, Hopkins was the victim of a full-out assault from the upstart Russian and while Kovalev couldn’t finish him in the ring, he certain did on the scorecards. In fact, it was impressive that Hopkins even made it to the final bell.

After the match, Hopkins said he didn’t want to run or clinch Kovalev as he wanted to go out and give the fans what they paid to see. He also said that the possibility of him retiring was “50/50” after the match.

The official scorecards read 120-107, 120-107 and 120-106, a shutout for Kovalev.

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