The Walking Dead Spoilers: What Was Abraham’s Internal Reaction When Eugene Confessed?

While we saw Abraham unleash his fists of fury on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead when Eugene confessed that he wasn’t a scientist, there was more to the story.

Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the series, explained what his character was thinking in an interview with EW.

“They had slow downs and detours before they got to Terminus,” Cudlitz said. “Terminus he didn’t feel was a good idea, but he had no choice because he didn’t have a vehicle and he is trying to expand the group. Stopping at Terminus turned out to be horrible. They got to the church, he doesn’t want to slow. When you slow, you stop, bad things happen. He does slow, bad things happen. He gets out of there, they finally feel like they’re on the road, he’s not going to let anything stop him now. There’s hope. He has a group. He has a capable group this time — a capable group of what he views as soldiers, because he’s seen them in action. And there’s hope. The scene opens up with them joking about how he’s going to relax the grooming standards, because that means he’s coming to the end of this mission. He does see the end of this mission and he sees life beyond this mission, which he has not seen or felt before and you sense that when he is joking around with Rosita.”

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