With Ian McCall Forced To Bail On Their Fight, John Lineker Wants Title Shot Against Demetrious Johnson

Many believe that the winner of the John Lineker and Ian McCall match would have received a title shot against Demetrious Johnson. After Ian McCall had to pull himself from the match, Lineker said the stakes should remain the same.

“Since I wanted to fight (McCall) and ask for a shot at the title, why can’t I just go ahead and fight the champion?” Lineker asked the media in Brazil. “UFC, please, give me this opportunity. I have evolved a lot since my first fight in the UFC, and I’m 100 percent ready to fight for the title.”

The flyweight bout between Lineker and McCall was cancelled only hours before it was supposed to happen when McCall said he felt sick (it was revealed that he had a blood infection).

“He paid the price for his jokes,” Lineker told the media in Brazil. “He made fun of my situation, drinking coconut water (before the faceoff) while I had to cut 0.7 pound, and God punished him [laughs].

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Source: MMAFighting.com