Ian McCall Reveals Details About What Happened Prior To Withdrawing From Match Against John Lineker

Ian McCall shocked the MMA world when he withdrew from his fight against John Lineker only hours before it was scheduled to take place. In a new interview, he reveals exactly what happened prior to the match.

McCall revealed the following on The MMA Hour and this was transcribed by MMAFighting.com

“Once I weakened my immune system with my weight cut, my body completely failed me. Usually backstage, I’ve got a lot of energy, I’m shadow boxing, it’s also a mental thing. I like to show the person that I’ve got energy in spades, cardio in spades, I’m going to cut weight, if we fought right now, I’d bury you. But I just couldn’t. I couldn’t move, I just wanted to save whatever energy I have for the stage. I went on, I made my weight, put on a little show, and then once we got backstage it just got worse, I started to drink, I couldn’t get food in, I took one bite of pineapple and I was like I need a trash can. So [UFC employee] Isabella [Hodge] brought one over. I didn’t throw up, even though I felt like it. they gave us the [pre-fight] speech and I couldn’t stand up. They had to get me an IV at the stadium, they were like let’s do it now.”

“I tried to stay positive and keep breathing and relaxing and focused. I was eating very small amounts of food, a protein shake here, a little bit of chicken and vegetables. I don’t gorge myself before the fight, I eat as healthy as I eat any other day. … I laid down and my body started steaming up. My throat, my back, my head, my hand, I had shooting pains, all the stuff, I had a lot of trouble breathing, I couldn’t really see, I had probably drank 10 pounds water, I had an IV in me, I should have felt a lot better. I couldn’t see my phone, luckily I was able to text my coach, ‘you need to grab a doctor and come up, you gotta get the doctor, I don’t feel good, I don’t know what to do.'”

“I tried not to lay there and cry like a little girl. It’s depressing, it’s something you strive so hard for. I’m a machine, I can fight through this, Why? Why did my body fail me, why did I let this happen. People can talk all the shit they want, I don’t care what they say on twitter, people can say what they want, all these twitter trolls that talk shit. As far as myself, look how much training I’ve put in. I know I’m in this good of shape. I know I’m this healthy. I know I’m this tough. I know I’m this much of a badass. How has this vehicle I’ve created failed me, why is it happening to me? You go through a whole range of emotions, I just laid there and just tried to be somehow positive about it.”

On John Linekar:

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