The Walking Dead Spoilers: Josh McDermitt Reveals When He Learned That Eugene Would Be Outed As A Liar

TV fans are still buzzing about Eugene’s admission that he has been lying about being a scientist the entire time.

In an interview with, Josh McDermitt revealed that since he knew Eugene was a liar in the comics (upon which The Walking Dead is based), it was only a matter of time that he confessed.

“I knew in vague terms when I took the job that it may or may not be B.S. I mean, they didn’t flat-out say it is, but at the start of this season, I sat down with Scott Gimple and he said, ‘In Episode 5, we’ll find out that Eugene’s been lying,'” McDermitt said. “So, it didn’t come as a surprise. I think what came as a surprise is that the revelation came as quickly as it did. This is why I’m not a writer. I though it might be at the end of the season we find out or something. But to know what else is coming in the season, it kind of doesn’t bother me at this point just because the rest of the season is so awesome.”