Tito Ortiz & Stephan Bonnar Feud Gets Even More Absurd As Ortiz Claims He Has Spy In Bonnar’s Training Camp

This can’t be for real.

The Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar feud was already bordering on ridiculous, but now it is at a whole new level. Ahead of their match on Saturday at Bellator 131, Tito Ortiz says he had a spy infiltrate his opponent’s training camp and also conspired to have Bellator sign Bonnar just so he could beat him up.

“And sneakily on my side, I got (fighter manager) Dave Thomas to sign [Bonnar],” Ortiz told MMA Weekly. “Dave Thomas signed him and we had to think of something to make him believe that Dave Thomas doesn’t like me, that Paul Herrera didn’t like me. Paul Herrera was going to coach him. And Stephan Bonnar bit the line, hook and sinker. He thought in his own mind that all of his guys were against me and I fooled him.”

Herrera served as Ortiz’s wrestling coach from his days at Huntington Beach High School and corned Ortiz when he beat Alexander Shlemenko at Bellator 120 in May.

“And now it’s a week out from the fight,” said Ortiz. “I know how his training camp went. I know the ins and outs. So he just got baited. That’s how bad I want to cave his face in.”

In October, Herrera admitted he had joined Bonnar’s camp after Ortiz couldn’t afford his services.

“I know everything from the wrestling side of it,” said Ortiz. “I know what he can and can’t do through Paul Herrera, who his training partner is. I know how much he’s been working on his takedown defense, what type of striking he’s been doing.”

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Source: MMAFighting.com