Elementary Spoilers: Will Mycroft Or Irene Return?

For fans wondering if Mycroft or Moriarty will return to the show, we have some answers.

“We would absolutely love to bring Rhys [Ifans] back as Mycroft,” executive producer Rob Doherty told TVLine.com. “It’s something we are investigating. I think it will ultimately come down to his schedule. He’s a busy guy, for good reason.”

Doherty also said that there is a desire to bring Irene Adler/Moriarty back as well, but this is dependent on Natalie Dormer’s commitments to Game of Thrones.

“I was amazed that we were able to get her for even the one episode she was in [last season],” he said. “So, yes, same set of circumstances. We could not love them more, and so, if we can find the right story and the time in their schedules, we would love to have them back.”


Source: TVLine.com