Arrow Spoilers: What Is The Deal With Ray Palmer?

If you are wondering whether Ray Palmer is a good guy or a bad guy… so are we. But according to the show’s EP Marc Guggenheim, we will get some answers by the end of Episode 9.

Guggenheim recently talked to about the new character played by Brandon Routh.

“For us, one of the fun things of Season 3 is, “Who is Ray Palmer? And what’s going on with him? And what is his plan?” There’s certainly history to suggest that whoever’s in charge of Queen Consolidated doesn’t always have the city’s best interests at heart. We got a little tease of it at the end of Episode 3, and we’ll get another tease at the end of Episode 7 (airing Nov. 19). And we’ll probably get our most concrete “mission statement” out of him at the end of Episode 9.”