Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Elizabeth Mitchell Offers Preview Of Upcoming Two-Hour Episode, Emma vs. Elsa

Elizabeth Mitchell really offered some clues about what to expect in Once Upon A Time’s two-hour episode this Sunday.

The actress talked to TVLine and commented on how the logline for the episode says that the Snow Queen will pit Emma and Elsa against each other.

“She’s just trying to find love, so it seems to me that throwing a bit of discord in there always helps people figure out who they really are,” Mitchell said. “I’ve been playing her like a very angry preteen girl because I feel like she was self-aware in that urn for so many years, so I don’t really see where she learned to grow up or any of that stuff. She’s just doing it the best way she knows how. But it’s so hard because you keep wanting to be like, β€œIt’s right in front of you! You have it already,” but that’s why we have all these great antagonists.”


Source: TVLine.com