Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Now That Wendy & Jax Are On Good Terms, Will She Tell Him That Gemma Was Hiding Juice?

In a recent interview, Drea de Matteo talked about how her relationships with the Tellers are changing and whereas she once trusted Gemma, it appears she now can trust her former lover as well.

“I think Gemma and Wendy have really gotten to a place of acceptance,” de Matteo told EW. “Where Gemma’s been at this season, she’s really trying to do her own damage control. She’s the one villain who did something so absolutely unforgivably brutal to the main protagonist of the show. It’s vile, but yet, as a fan who watches the show, I completely understand her. That’s the way Kurt wrote it, the way Katey played it—I’m on her side. I think if she would even explain to Wendy where she was at, and why she did what she did, and why she’s kept it a secret as long as she’s had, I think Wendy being the kind of person that she is, would completely understand. Would she be petrified? I’m sure. Would she be mortified? I’m sure. Would she want revenge? I doubt it. Would she want Jax to take revenge? No f–king way. I don’t know, I just think Wendy comes from a way more hippie-esque kind of thing. She’s tried to be tough with Tara and Gemma from time to time, throwing some zingers their way, but at the end of the day, Wendy is gonna end up going back to a place of purity because she doesn’t want to hurt people. The other characters on the show, they don’t care about hurting each other to protect themselves, to protect other people. Even Unser, who’s the good guy, he still has tons of secrets. My character can’t hold on to those secrets. Nero is not a secret man either. The other side of it is we’re the two characters who’ve probably been forced to look at ourselves emotionally and psychologically because of our drug addictions and because we were put away—he in jail, me in a rehab. And with children, we’re the two people who have probably worked on our self-worth the most, so we might be the most centered, even though we might be the most open, which leaves us the most vulnerable. Our purpose on the show has been to maintain that sense of humanity.”

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