Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Will Gemma’s Fall From Grace Include Nero Cheating With Wendy?

Many Sons of Anarchy fans have noticed how close Wendy and Nero have been getting and they have bonded over their respective issues with drug abuse.

Does that mean that Nero would consider taking Wendy to the farm instead of Gemma?

In a recent interview with EW, Drea de Matteo talked about the possibility of Nero cheating on Gemma with Wendy.

“Yeah. I think we were all confused (referring to Jimmy Smits saying cast members were talking about the Wendy/Nero chemistry in the make-up trailer),” de Matteo said. “I remember sitting in the makeup trailer with the makeup girls, and we were like, “What is going on?” Even with Katey [Sagal], I’d be like, “Am I gonna take your man? What is happening here?” But again, we just never know where it’s going. We’d find out the day of the new script, and that’s it.”

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