Dennis Bermudez & Ricardo Lamas Set To Put On A Show At UFC 180

One of the biggest fights on the UFC 180 card is one that hasn’t received the attention it deserves as a result of Cain Velasquez being pulled from the main event.

Dennis Bermudez and Ricardo Lamas are two of the top contenders in the UFC’s featherweight division and it seems that there is a profound respect between the pair, a situation that has become increasingly rare in the days of Conor McGregor and Michael Bisping.

Lamas believes that he has the advantage, however, based on the fact that he has already traveled on the same path as Bermudez (who is currently riding a seven-fight winning streak is on).

“When I was shooting for my first title shot, I wasted so much energy and time trying to get it,” Lamas tells USA TODAY. “I put a lot of stress on myself because I felt I was being overlooked and deserved that title shot.”

For his part, Bermudez says he isn’t letting his current dominance affect his psyche.

“My winning streak matters to everyone but me,” Bermudez says. “Realistically, the goal is just win the next fight. I don’t look ahead. I’ll be worried about the title after this fight.”

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