Mark Hunt Admits He Has Had A Rough Fight Week, Claims He Will Have No Problem Making Weight Today

If you were in Mexico City this week and saw a sullen Samoan around, you might have seen the man who is fighting for the UFC’s interim heavyweight title tomorrow.

While screaming fans took over Wednesday’s UFC 180 open workouts, Mark Hunt wasn’t smiling and was described as the definition of sombre and statuesque. It was a stark change from Hunt’s usual jovial nature.

While Hunt seemed to be in a better mood yesterday, it was clear that he is not the same and that the reason for this could be the amount of weight he has had to cut in order to be cleared to fight on Saturday.

“Yesterday, if you got the news I did, then you’d be freaking looking like I was,” Hunt said. “I’m just getting over that jazz. It wasn’t a good time, the 24 hours was hard. Mentally I wasn’t good and I was talking to all the press, so I was screwed, I was effed.

“(But) my mind is strong. I had a bit of a hiccup yesterday but I think I’m through to the other side now,” he added. “It’s a hard hump to get over, but hopefully I’m through it. I’ll be good. Of course, come fight night I’ll be trying to get this belt.”

While Hunt wouldn’t get into specifics, it can be assumed that training for the fight has been harder than he initially anticipated.

“I’m always putting positives in my head. I have to,” Hunt said. “Everyone’s talking negative stuff. I’m trying to put positive stuff into my head so I can keep (right). I’ve done it my whole life, as a kid, when people made fun of you, I put positive stuff in there to keep me going.

“My whole career’s been an underdog’s. I’m not supposed to be here. I won the world title in K-1 as a nobody. Of course I’m the underdog. Everyone is saying it. I mean, even these circumstances brings me there, but hey, man, it makes a good story. If anyone can do it, I can do it.”

His new attitude also displayed the confidence that he has been known for as Hunt guaranteed that he would be able to make weight.

“I was 123.5 this morning, so I’m nearly there,” he explained.

“I haven’t had any carbs for three weeks, so I’m hungry. When I have some carbs, I’ll have the energy to think about my plan and my performance and my fighting. My plan ultimately is to go and hurt him. If you don’t know, this is the hurt business. And we’re pretty good at hurting people. My job is to go hurt Fabricio as much as I can, so he doesn’t put a hurt on me. I’ll make up a plan while I’m doing it.”

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