Dana White Impressed By Fabricio Werdum’s Title-Winning Flying Knee

While Fabricio Werdum made MMA fans remember his name by winning his interim heavyweight title bout against Mark Hunt on Saturday, Dana White might have been the man who was most impressed with the new heavyweight champion.

“The only thing that surprised me about the fight was the walk from the dressing room to the Octagon, Werdum looked out of it,” White stated in his post-fight interview (via MMAMania). “He looked lackadaisical, he looked really mellow. Even when the fight started, he looked really, I don’t know, just sort of out of it. He gets dropped in the first round. Hunt, he stuffs takedowns, he gets that top position and Werdum isn’t pulling off any submissions, he’s doing some damage to him.

“Then in the second round he comes out and lands the most beautiful flying knee. You don’t see heavyweights do that. You don’t see heavyweights land beautiful flying knees like that. He ends up looking awesome.”

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Source: BloodyElbow.com