Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 11.17.14 (John Cena, The Authority, Ryback, Luke Harper)

WWE Raw Header - 2014

#1~ That was a nice use of footage from when Ryback was in the midst of his inevitably failed heel run. It was completely en-vogue to mock & humiliate Ryback and the always clever John Cena was certainly on that bandwagon. I’m curious to see if Cena tries to spin that footage in his favor (which he obviously can’t). I really hope Ryback doesn’t join Cena’s team, keep him neutral. I hate to say it but Randy Orton is the perfect fit for the final spot.

#2~ While the beat down was unnecessary at the beginning of the match, Luke Harper just won the Intercontinental Championship in one of his first singles’ matches on the main roster. I couldn’t praise Harper’s potential enough last week and it seems like the WWE made the right decision to go all in on Luke Harper.

#3~ You have to love Dean Ambrose’s humor. He’s funny but sarcastic enough that the male fans believe it’s still cool to cheer him. That segment was straight out of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s & The Rock’s “If your pager flashes 3-1-6, then it’s your ass” but hell, how many even remember that now. God, I’m old. Oh and the main thing I got out of that segment was that The Ascension will be debuting at Survivor Series.

#4~ Oh poor Cesaro. Make one wrong comment and not only are you in “the doghouse” but you also have to lose to one half of RybAxel. But good God that was a damn good match out of Ryback. I’m impressed.

#5~ Soooo…. Luke Harper wins the Intercontinental Championship and Erick Rowan had a segment with Grumpy Cat. I wonder who’s Marty?

#6~ While I wasn’t clamoring for a Big Show/Sheamus match, it was a nice diversion from the typical pre-Survivor Series RAW where a member of team good guys has to wrestle a member of team bad guys.

#7~ To clarify what I said last week, I’m on board with The New Day group with Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods because those are two guys who desperately needed a gimmick overhaul & one who needed to make some sort of television presence. Plus they are all talented and bring different abilities to what can be a strong group.

#8~ Wow, I really couldn’t be luckier. Larry The Cable Guy is hosting RAW next Monday and I’ll be too busy interviewing ROH’s Kevin Kelly for the HTC/Inside Wrestling Pulsecast. Whew…

#9~ Yup didn’t see Erick Rowan coming. Talk about taking a complete 180 with THAT character! I don’t know how things are going to play out on Sunday but those are definitely two random teams thrown together so it could be awesome or completely terrible. Oh does anyone know if Cesaro is actually ON Team Authority? Or was that just WWE’s way to mess with Cesaro fans again?

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