Tito Ortiz Fined $2500 For Obscene Gestures Made After Bellator 131 Fight Against Stephan Bonnar

Tito Ortiz must pay.

The California State Athletic Commission has fined Ortiz $2500 for his post-fight actions following his win over Stephan Bonnar at Bellator 131.

After Ortiz was announced as the victor, he gave a double middle finger gesture after Bonnar dramatically collapsed to the ground pretending to have a heart attack. Ortiz then sprayed his opponent with the open bottle of water in his hand, flipped Bonnar off again, then exited the cage.

The $2,500 is only a small portion Ortiz’s purse from the fight, which was reported to be $300,000 – approximately half of the overall salaries for all the fighters on the card.

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Source: BloodyElbow.com