Arrow Spoilers: Cupid Debuts Tonight, Details On Arrow’s Newest Adversary

A new villain is debuting on Arrow tonight, although she might not be as bad as we think.

Amy Gumenick will introduce fans of the show to Cupid, a character who will do anything for love… especially when it comes to Oliver Queen’s alter ego.

In a recent interview with, the Supernatural alum discussed her new role.

“Cupid is a supervillain, as described by the DC comic book world,” she said. “She exudes extreme strength as a martial artist and as a hand-to-hand fighter, and she also has an extreme emotional capacity. She’s definitely a bit mentally unstable and will meet no ends to get what she wants. Fundamentally, she is driven by love and will fight anyone and face anything for her love.”

As for her pining after Arrow, Carrie (Cupid’s alter ego) wasn’t initially attracted to the Starling City hero.

“This isn’t a sudden “love at first sight” situation,” Gumenick said. “Perhaps it feels that way, but once she makes her mind up that he’s “the one,” she is determined to get him. How far back that goes is open for interpretation.”