Dennis Siver Says Conor McGregor’s Trash Talk Is Inappropriate

While Conor McGregor had other MMA fighters in stitches with every one-liner he delivered at Monday’s press conference, his January 18 opponent wasn’t laughing.

“In my view, it is not correct the way he talks,” Siver said through an interpreter. “I don’t think it is appropriate, not only towards me, but also towards other fighters. I don’t think it is correct.”

Siver said that he would never trash talk a fighter in the way that the brash Irishman does.

“It’s not who I am to be talking like this,” the German featherweight said. “Not only about fighters, but any situation. I understand that it gets attention, but not mine and it’s not how I am.”

“I let everything that he says just bounce off,” Siver said. “It is trash. I don’t care about it, I don’t let it affect me. The only thing I let it do is I concentrate on the fight.”

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