That Being Said: TNA’s Last Show On Spike TV (Impact 11.19.2014)

When I first heard that TNA was losing their show on Spike TV, I naturally assumed that they had lost their minds and were continuing their bullet-proof plan of copying worked-shoot angles from every other successful wrestling promotion that’s ever existed and they were simply on to ECW circa 1999. But, it turns out that they’re actually losing the show. At least ECW got kicked off Spike for WWE – TNA is getting kicked off for reruns of COPS. (In related news, apparently people still actually watch COPS.)

Anyway, tonight they apparently announce that they’re moving to whatever the “Destination America” network is. I had never heard of it, and I haven’t had cable in 5 years because I have college education and a functioning penis, so I went online to find out what it was. I may think TNA isn’t worth much, but I don’t want to see any company go under or people lose their jobs, so I was hoping that it would at least be a network that could help sustain the company. To be honest, it wasn’t a great sign that they had these “news” articles on their homepage:

  • You’ll Question Your Own Sanity After Going Inside the Top 5 Most Haunted Asylums Across America
  • Watching This Guy Scream While Investigating Haunted Locations Is Hilarious and a Must-See
  • This Alaskan Off-Gridder Might Just Have the Secret to Sustaining Life and Catching Women
  • A Ghost Tells This Guy to ‘Man Up’ In the Most Frightening Way Possible
  • An Alaskan Monster Called White Death Has a Roar So Loud and Scary, It Will Rattle Your Chest
  • This Possessed Amish Boy Does Something You Won’t Believe
  • Six Times Ghosts Spoke to the Living on Ghost Asylum and Totally Creeped Us Out
  • Which State Has the Most Terrifying Monster?

They have 22 original programs:

  • Destination Outdoors
  • Epic
  • Deep-Fried Masters
  • BBQ Pit Wars
  • BBQ Pitmasters
  • BBQ’s Ultimate Championship
  • Hilbilly Blood
  • Ghost Stalkers
  • Ghost Asylum
  • A Haunting
  • Monsters Underground
  • Swamp Monsters
  • Mountain Monsters
  • Monsters & Mysteries In America
  • Alaska Monsters
  • Railroad Alaska
  • Buying Alaska
  • Buying Hawaii
  • Buying The Beach
  • Buying The Bayou
  • Amish Hunting
  • Unsealed Alien Files

I didn’t think it was possible, but TNA has actually managed to land a network that was more SPIKE TV than… well, SPIKE TV. AND, they found one run by barbecuing, alien-hunting, ghost-hunting, monster-hunting, real-estate savvy, hillbilly Alaskan whackjobs. The demographic appears to be made up entirely of the unemployed and violent poor.

I used to recap Impact for a site that is no longer around, and then for Pulse. I had a lot of fun with all the feedback I got and especially with the people who helped me with the articles. But, I quit recapping TNA full-time to spend more time not recapping TNA full-time and I’ve only seen the odd episode of it since then. But even that I haven’t done in a long time, not even a recap – so maybe the show will be good on the new network, and maybe it won’t. If it is, it’s a virtual certainty that less people will see it, which is unfortunate. So, on the suggestion of Finn McInnes, I thought for old time’s sake I would check this show out. I’m going to try to use some of the old gimmicks I used to use and bring back some familiar faces as well.

Hopefully I see some good stuff, or at least something that’s so bad I find it entertaining. Like that time TNA nearly burned down their building on live pay-per-view. Or that time that their World Champion Jeff Hardy showed up drunk and stoned off his fucking gourd for the main-event of a pay-per-view, and they actually went through with the match, which lasted ninety seconds and the fans threatened to riot. Or that time that TNA made a dozen people wrestle in a giant birdcage where the only way to win was to escape, but the construction of the cage made it impossible to escape. Or that time that TNA declared war on WWE by moving their show to the same timeslot as RAW before getting slaughtered and having to move the show back to Thursdays, or… actually anything that happened on that same January 4 2010 show that didn’t involve AJ Styles or Kurt Angle. Or that time that Jeff Jarrett, the owner, was fucking the wife of Kurt Angle, one of TNA’s hottest stars and Kurt Angle found out and tore apart half of Pittsburgh looking for them before calming down and fucking a bunch of black girls, and the other owners of the company decided that Jarrett’s punishment should be having to lose to WWE’s fake porn-star has-been in a bathroom. Or that time they hired that girl from Survivor and Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner talked on live TV about taking “turns” with her before having her wrestle with no training against Booker T’s wife in a match so bad that TNA fans actually demanded both girls be fired. Or that time that Hulk Hogan gave Abyss “the power of Hulkamania” by giving Abyss his WWE Hall Of Fame ring. Or that time those two girls brawling around a trailer where one screamed “I WILL KILL YOU, YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Or that time where they had one girl be a “ghost” who only one of the other girls could see who drug-raped this other girl and considered stabbing another with a pair of scissors. Or that time that other girl made this other girl run down a third girl on a motorcycle to get out of a match the next week.

Sorry, that last paragraph kind of got away from me. The worst part about that isn’t even that this is all stuff that happened while I was watching, or that God ONLY knows what happened when I wasn’t watching – the worst part about that is that everything I just wrote aside from the girl storylines are all… like… REAL things that happened. If TNA’s actual storylines were as crazy as the shit they pull in real life, no one would ever be able to look away.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what this show will be like – I don’t even know the last time I saw or read about TNA. I have zero idea of what’s going on in the fed right now, but I think I remember reading that Lashley had the belt and a stable with MVP and Kenny King, and that Kurt Angle was in charge. I have no idea if it’s good or bad, right or wrong. This should not be treated as a serious recap from anyone who knows anything about the current storylines, talent, or situation in general of TNA. This is just the perspective of someone who hasn’t watched TNA in a long time, who has legitimately enjoyed TNA in the past (both for the right reasons and lots of “so bad it’s good” reasons like above), who believes that TNA could have been a serious viable alternative to WWE at several points in it’s history, who believes the saddest thing about TNA is the sheer amount of wasted potential, and who was watching when they started on SPIKE and is interested to see what their last show on that network will be like. I just hope I’m glad I watched it and don’t regret not spending some more quality time with my testicles before the polar vortex hits. 

So please consider that before posting comments, emailing me swear words, or sending me letter bombs. I’ve gotten enough of those from TNA fans for my lifetime.

I’m kidding.

It will never be enough.

Not ever.


(Ironically, this actually wasn’t even TNA’s worst slogan.)

Welcome to the live coverage, ladies and gentlemen! We here at Pulse have pulled out all the stops for this final Impact on Spike TV. Mr. Wrestling Facts himself, Dave, is here! I’ve given him the daunting assignment of doing some more research on TNA’s new network, Destination America!

DESTINATION AMERICA FACT (brought to you by @WrestlingFacts): Apparently the move to Destination America cuts TNA’s potential US TV audience in half.  

Thanks Dave! Let’s make sure to remember that TNA has never used math, if you don’t count those few times. And TNA doesn’t.

CB was supposed to be here as well, but I think things are a little rough right now in Hoth, New York.

Well, I’m expecting a lot if this is the show that’s supposed to get their fans to follow them to a new network with spotty regional coverage. Personally I think the final scene of tonight’s Impact should be Dixie Carter finding her own tombstone in a graveyard a few blocks from the Impact Zone. Stunned silence. Fade to black. But I’m sure whatever they’ve got coming is just as good.


Opening video shows Lashley losing the title to Roode, with overdone echo sound effects, and I immediately regret not preparing more “Bobby Roode Is So Boring” facts. MVP took the title shot from Lashley, which angered Lashley so he beat up Bobby Roode some more before not helping MVP up. He then beat up Eric Young and started yelling about Bobby Roode. They’re having a re-match tonight.

Bobby Roode comes to the ring, and it’s nice that they brought back the 6-sided ring. He talks about how everyone in the world has a real true friend that you can rely on. This arena has some really horrible acoustics, and it sounds half-empty. Not sure where they are or how big the arena is, but it does look better than the Impact Zone. Anyway, Roode says that Eric Young is his friend, as is Austin Aries and Bobby Lashley tried to end their careers. Tonight, Roode says that it’s not about the belt or about pro wrestling – he wants to fight with no referees or Roode. The crowd has, quite literally, no reaction to any of this. I like Roode, I really do – but he’s not World Champion material. I’m sorry Bobby. But it’s like a fat guy at CVS buying a giant heart-shaped box of Valentine’s Day candy. You’re not fooling us.

Lashley’s music hits, and he comes out and they start brawling in the crowd. The lighting is so horrible that I can’t see anything for a bit, but eventually a spotlight finds them as Lashley tries to hit Roode with a chair before they get separated. Small “let them fight” chant starts as they break away and start brawling again.

Some guy starts talking with Brodus Clay right behind him, and he talks about giving whoever Rockstar Spud is an opportunity since he fired him. Who is this guy, exactly? Anyway, he wants to fight Rockstar Spud tonight. Mike Tenay says this was EC3. I think that’s Dixie Carter’s muppet fake nephew. I guess he runs stuff now.

They then run a video package for some girl named Havok. She’s been beating up Knockouts left and right. Gail Kim and some blonde girl named Taryn Terrell are fighting her tonight. This video package was actually VERY well done, and it was just for a TV match – the announcing of the match at the end was a nice touch. Very well done. I don’t know if this Havok girl is any good, because video packages can be misleading, but she certainly looked impressive. And, the feud was based on actual matches and not some overly contrived twin bullshit or weaponized lesbianism (thank you again, David Spain.)


DESTINATION AMERICA FACT (brought to you by @WrestlingFacts): Destination America used to be Discovery Home & Leisure.

We’re back, and Mike Tenay says that we should become TNA-listers if we have a “TNA Addiction”. The key to overcoming a TNA addiction is to focus on something healthier, like a heroin addiction.

Triple-Threat Match For TNA Knockouts Championship
Havok .vs. Taryn Terrell .vs. Gail Kim

This Havok chick has a cool look. WWE never knows how to do girls like this. The girls try to double-team Havok, but Havok just throws them both around quite handily. She sandwiches and splashes them int he corner. Gail takes out her knee from behind, and the other girl remains generally useless but Gail makes some headway before she gets tossed on Taryn’s already-lifeless body. This continues with a little bit, and this Taryn girl screams a lot and it’s distracting. Havok bearhugs this girl before burying her in the mat, but this allows Gail to hit her Octopus submission that looks kinda fun. Taryn actually does something by putting her submission on Havok’s lower half, then they double-kick her out of the ring. Taryn goes to the apron and jumps, gets caught by Havok, but Gail jumps on them both and all 3 go down.

Commercial. Decent match so far. Nothing to set the world on fire, but beats anything I’ve seen a Diva do all year. I’d put some sort of surprised emoji in here, but confession time: I have no idea how to put those little cartoony graphic things in a post. (Also I killed a guy in 2003)

We’re back. Gail and Taryn are wrestling and Gail gives a Stinger Splash in the corner and Havok is still on the floor. Taryn almost wins with a couple rollups, and this Taryn girl isn’t that great, but she’s not Diva bad, either. Gail gets a near-fall with a small package of her own, but Taryn, still grunting and screaming, hits a dropkick and a snapmare. Havok grabs her from the outside of the ring, picks her up, adn drops her across the guardrail. Ouch. Gail comes out and fights her a bit, but eats a HARD spinebuster on the floor. OW.

Havok rolls both dead girls in the ring, and lines them both up and splashes both of them from the middle rope. She pins them both, but Gail kicks out. Not sure how that doesn’t qualify as a pin on Taryn still. Havok misses a couple charge, and both girls team up on her again. Taryn holds Havok and Gail hits a legdrop-thing from the top rope to the outside, which was cool. Taryn then drops Gail across the apron before tossing her in the ring, but Gail hits her with a hard clothesline. Gail looks like she botched some corner-tackle thing, but hits the top rope and Taryn slugs her a few times. They volley on the top rope, but Havok comes in and they do that overdone Tower Of Doom thing.

Gail and Taryn are dead again. She’s going for her splash again, but this time both girls move. Havok tries to chokeslam both girls, but both girls fight out and just start kicking her, before Gailhits a nice spike and a cross-body off the top that Havok kicks out of. Taryn tries the same, but Havok kicks out again. Gail and Taryn both hit their finishes, and Taryn pins but Gail pulls her off. They trade this a few times, and Taryn ends up pinning Gail with a rollup.

Winner & New TNA Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

Gail congratulates Taryn, and Taryn celebrates.

This was a really good match. The whole “always team up until we have Havok down” thing got a bit old, but that’s to be expected as is just a minor note. Crowd seemed into it. Especially given some of the things I’ve seen Knockouts do over the years, this was a really pleasant surprise. Gail Kim is actually still really good. I’ve never seen either of the other two before, but Havok had one of the coolest performances I’ve seen from a female wrestler in years. Taryn isn’t great, but she’s actually not bad either.

Backstage, Kenny King says he hasn’t been able to get a hold of MVP. MVP says he’s not okay with Kurt Angle playing games and driving a wedge between them and Lashley, and he’s not okay with being referred to as “the mouth” or a “manager”. He says he needs to remind people who he is.


DESTINATION AMERICA FACT (brought to you by @WrestlingFacts): According to their website, “Destination America’s programming spans the nation from Alaska, Hawaii and Colorado to Louisiana, West Virginia and communities in between. Destination Canada’s programming spans Toronto, Medicine Hat, and many other places.”

That sounds like deliberately fuzzy wording.

They recap last week, where Samoa Joe surrendered the X-Division Title due to injury.

Bobby Roode is backstage, and he repeats exactly what he said earlier. He’s still lame.

TNA PRODUCERS: Oh, editing, that’s what we forgot!

Kenny King .vs. Chris Melendez

I’ve always thought that Kenny King was a lot of fun. Never seen Melendez before. “USA” chants break out as they lock-up, and Melendez gets around quite well. Kenny King makes fun of the leg, because he’s a HEEEEEEEL. They volley a bit, and King does a takedown and shows off with a kip-up. They volley a bit more, and Melendez gets an elbow to the face before hitting some punches and a hip toss. King chokes Melendez on the ropes before hitting an awesome high-kick from the floor to the apron. He kicks and punches Melendez while he’s down, and we get more “USA” chants. King springboards into Melendez, but eats the prosthetic leg instead. Meledez hits a suplex and then a Perfect-Plex but King kicks out. King eats the prosthetic to the face again, and Tenay and Taz think this is some sort of Disney miracle.

MVP comes in and beats on Melendez with the chair.

Winner (by DQ): Chris Melendez

MVP beats on him, pushing Kenny King out of the way. King seems annoyed, but Ken “Shit Grenade” Anderson, the trophy-winner for highest ratio of amount invested to returns received ever for TNA, comes in for the save and both King and MVP bail. Shit Grenade tosses a chair after them as officials look after Melendez, who is rolling around like he lost another limb. Pretty lame match.

Backstage, a weird-looking dude who I assume is Rockstar Spud accepts EC3’s challenge.


DESTINATION AMERICA FACT (brought to you by @WrestlingFacts): Destination America has sold programming to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and by gum it put them on the map! MONORAIL, MONORAIL, MONORAAAAAAAAAIIIIILLLL!!!!

We’re back. Chris Melendez is being taken care of, and Shit Grenade wants to fight MVP. Kurt Angle says he’ll take care of it and that MVP has gone too far. Ken Anderson is angry. Stephen Hawking says there is no such thing as black holes. Ken Anderson storylines beg to differ.

This EC3 loser comes out with Brodus Clay. I guess this EC3 guy has replaced Dixie Carter. Maybe too many people were picking on Dixie so she didn’t want to be on the show anymore. Stop picking on Dixie Carter. That’s the son that Bob Carter wanted but never got.

EC3 tries to be edgy, and Brodus Clay looks Jeff Hardy levels of fucked up. He makes fun of Eric Young for being fired, makes fun of Jeremy Borash because his family is dead (?), and challenges Spud to a fight. This is actually close to being as bad as a Ken Anderson promo. It was written by someone who does their best thinking sitting alone in a McDonald’s ball pit.

Rockstar Spud comes out. EC3 is calling Brodus “Tyrus”. Because why wouldn’t you. EC3 orders “Tyrus” to stay outside the ring and that he can handle this on his own, and continues to taunt Spud as he gets in the ring. He dares Spud to hit me. Spud is trying to work up to it, then tells EC3 he won’t hit him. Carter laughs. He says he will kick him in the balls, then does, then starts beating the shit out of him until EC3 takes him down and starts kicking his ass. They then show Brodus outside being stoned. The crowd chants “You Can’t Wrestle” at EC3, which makes me sad because good wrestling is the only possible saving grace to how horrible a talker he is. Brodus then comes in and chokeslams Spud. My friends tell me that EC3 was actually on NXT, so we have yet another WWE castoff in TNA, this one in a prime heel authority figure role.

Then they pick him up and EC3 taunts him some more and says he’s going to end his career and cut his hair (I’ve never heard anyone threaten those two things at once before), and then he cuts a lock of his hair off. Mike Tenay says he’s taken Rockstar Spud’s spirit. He’s like the Shang Tsung of TNA, if Shang Tsung took souls via unwanted haircuts.

I guess I get what they were going for, in that I can see that Spud guy being the loveable underdog. That EC3 guy is terrible though, and this segment was three times too long if that’s all they were going to do. And, in advance, TNAInsider, I give your disapproval of my opinion on this subject negative seventeen stars. I can do this all day, pal.

Backstage, Kenny King wants better water. Kurt Angle storms in looking for MVP, and MVP jumps Kurt from behind and beats the shit out of Kurt Angle. Kenny King thinks MVP has gone too far.


DESTINATION AMERICA FACT (brought to you by @WrestlingFacts): I don’t know what “BBQ PItmasters” is. But I want to find out. So I did. “BBQ Pitmasters is an American reality television series which follows barbecue cooks as they compete for cash and prizes in barbecue cooking competitions.”

Somebody named Bram “The Darkside” comes to ringside. Seriously. “Bram The Darkside”. What’s next? “The name’s Cinnabon… James Cinnabon.”

They show a video package of this Bram dude beating up a bunch of guys. Apparently TNA has a Hardcore Division again, and apparently Tommy Dreamer is back in TNA. Crazy pants. Anyway, the video package was, once again, cool, and this Bram guy does look impressive.

Hardcore Match
Bram “The Darkside” .vs. Tommy Dreamer

Tommy and Bram brawl down the entrance ramp before Bram slams Tommy Dreamer on it and beats him up with some weapons. Dreamer is busted open already, and eventually Dreamer dodges a charge and hits a suplex on the floor. Dreamer hits Bram with a chain.


We’re back, and I’m told by my friends here that Bram is actually a member of the Flair family, who is screaming at Dreamer’s body on the steel steps. Bram has a decent look, but he’s overacting with screaming “I AM BRAM” over and over. He smears Dreamer’s blood all over himself, and hits Dreamer with a garbage can in the ring. Dreamer powers up, but Bram hits a sidewalk slam and misses an elbow. Dreamer hits a big boot and a clothesline, and goes for the kendo stick and a Russian legsweep for a 2-count. Dreamer sets up a chair, and crotches Bram on it. Bram sits on the chair, and Dreamer second-rope clotheslines him through it – this also gets him 2. Dreamer hangs Bram from the turnbuckle, grabs a garbage can and puts it on his face before shouting “TNA” and kicking it into his head.

Bram hits a legsweep to Dreamer on the chair, this gets him 2. Bram yells at Dreamer from the turnbuckle before eating a boot and a DDT that still only gets Dreamer 2. Dreamer grabs a barb-wire chair from under the ring, Dreamer gets ready for a piledriver, but Magnus comes in and hits his finisher on Dreamer for some reason. It’s a Hardcore match, so no-DQ, and Bram picks Dreamer up and Magnus slugs him in the face. They get ready to take him out on the barb-wire chair, but AL SNOW comes in and takes out Magnus. Dreamer is up and has a cheese grater and takes it to Bram’s forehead. Dreamer sets up the barb-wire chair in the corner, but Bram hits a low blow and tosses him into said chair. Jumping DDT by Bram gets him 3.

Winner: Bram “The Darkside”

Does Tommy Dreamer still need to be doing things like this? Someone do a Kickstarter for him or direct him to the sweatpants aisle at Wal-Mart for God’s sake. That said, this was a decent hardcore match for sure. Didn’t set the world on fire for anything, but decent.

Backstage, Kurt Angle says MVP just dug his own grave. He’s going out to take care of MVP for good.


DESTINATION AMERICA FACT (brought to you by @WrestlingFacts): According to their website, “Hillbilly Blood: A Hardscrabble Life follows two mountain men who demonstrate backwoods ingenuity deep in the mountains of Appalachia. Eugene Runcus and Spencer Boljack are living a hardscrabble life in Cold Mountain, N.C. This series — a hillbilly “MacGyver” of sorts — follows the mountain brothers as they carry on a deep-rooted tradition of their forebears by surviving off what is provided by their rugged Appalachia surrounding.”

In 2015, TNA will ditch all remaining PPV events to replace them with special crossover episodes with Hillbilly Blood and Buying the Bayou. I smell a Runcus & Boljack .vs. Beer Money main event crossover.

Apparently, James Storm has a stable and Abyss is now in it. Two guys are backstage, and one of them thinks Storm doesn’t like him. The one with the mask tells the one without the mask that he needs to “awaken”. Alrighty then.

X-Division Fatal Four-Way X-Division Title Match
Low Ki .vs. Tigre Uno .vs. Manik .vs. DJZ

I think I’ve only seen Low-Ki, who is awesome, before this, but I may have seen Tigre Uno once or twice before too. This DJZ guy looks hilarious. Looks like Manik was the masked guy talking to James Storm’s other guy, so there you go. Low Ki is tremendous.

This is gonna be hard to follow, but I’ll do my best. They all start brawling, and DJZ and Ki are in the ring with Z working over Ki. Ki sort of springboards off the turnbuckle and hits a nice kick on Z for 2. Manik in the ring to work over Ki, but they then volley a bit before Z hits a top-rope dropkick on them both – Uno comes in and hits this awesome somersault kick that gets him 2. Low Ki charges Uno but misses, and… a lot of fun shit happens. with Manik hitting a nice suplex on Uno before hitting a surfboard. Ki DOUBLE STOMPS Uno on top of the surfboard, which is insane, and Z tries to steal a pin off it but fails.

Maik tries a dive to the outside but eats a flying kick by Ki. Z tries to jump on Ki as well, but Ki dives up to the apron before Manik comes back and hits a dropkick on both. Uno hits a twisting springboard from the apron and takes down all 3. Ki takes Uno onto the ropes but eats a swinging DDT by Z. Manik flies off the top rope onto Z, and Uno breaks up a pin attempt but Manik with another twisting moonsault off the top. Jeez.

Ki hits this fucking INSANE Ki Crusher from the top rope on Uno, and hits a pin.

Winner & New X-Division Champion: Low Ki

Really great, really fun match. I prefer the serious X-Division more than how they kind of turned it into the Cruiserweight division, but it was still a lot of fun. Good for Low Ki.

Backstage, MVP can’t get a hold of Lashley on the phone. He tells Lashley on voicemail that if Kurt is going to do what he thinks, then they need to “burn that place down.”


DESTINATION AMERICA FACT (brought to you by @WrestlingFacts): One user on TNAInsider relates the Discovery America situation to AMC and how Walking Dead turned that network around. So look for Impact to have 17 million viewers in 4 years time and for people to be binge-watching Impact on DVD boxsets.

Thanks Dave. I think we can both agree that you should have to pass a test proving you actually read and comprehended an article before you’re allowed to leave a comment on it.

SWAYZE: You can’t fight with those people. They are deranged.

We’re back, and Kurt “HHH totes wants me, I swear” Angle is out. Kurt says if MVP doesn’t like how he does business, he can come to the ring and be a man. Kurt says he’s going to the Board Of Directors *CHORTLE* about MVP’s punishment, and then MVP’s music hits. He comes out and taunts Kurt, and is actually a better talker than I remember. MVP says he’s sick of TNA and TNA management, and if Kurt needs to fire him, so be it. Kurt says he’s not going to fire him, he’s going to kick his ass. Kurt needs a little more hustle in the cursing department, but he still kicks MVP’s ass before Kenny King comes in to help MVP. They beat Angle down together.

Shit Grenade comes to make the save, but Lashley comes in to help his buddies. Roode then comes out and beats up King, and has a staredown with Lashley. They brawl in the ring and the show ends.

Well, I was expecting more about this being the last show on Spike and the new network, but I guess this could have been taped well in advance or something. That being said, this wasn’t a great show or anything, but it definitely was pretty good. Total lack of anything resembling an interesting story, but the Knockout’s match was great, the X-Division match was awesome and the Hardcore match wasn’t bad at all. That’s way above average. Not enough unscripted shoot interviews with Kurt Angle talking about delivering a well-timed drunken throat punch to Jeff Jarrett at the 2009 TNA company Christmas party, but I guess you can’t win them all.

I guess as someone who truly wishes only good things for TNA, because anyone who likes wrestling should hope for alternatives, the most surprising aspect of this show was to find out that TNA is still a real company, not just a pile of raccoons and twigs. They still have a lot of issues to be sure, but I have *** DEFINITELY *** seen *** A LOT *** worse from these guys. While the show itself wasn’t bad, the feel of the show has sort of degenerated into a bit of a “startup that barely met its Kickstarter goal” vibe, and being that this was the “season finale” of sorts, especially before the move to the new network, it would have been nicer to see them do something more compelling to get viewers to go to to the new network. Angle / Roode / Anderson .vs. Lashley / MVP / King is not gonna get them that, and that’s not good.

Overall though, I liked this show.

See? I can say nice things.

I guess we’ll see what happens when they move to Destination America. I might cover the first show.

This has been “That Being Said”. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you when I see you.


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