Ralek Gracie Invites B.J. Penn To Join Metamoris

While B.J. Penn retired from active mixed martial arts competition, it appears another opportunity is beckoning.

Metamoris founder Ralek Gracie revealed that he has spoken to the former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion about competing in his grappling event in the future. Gracie broke the news on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour

“We’ve heard back (from Penn), (but) timing-wise it just hasn’t really worked,” Ralek Gracie said. “I think it’s just really coming down to the right time and the right opponent, and doing something that really makes sense, something that gets him excited to do it.”

“I would love to do something with B.J. Penn. I’d love to have him in my event,” he added. “I think just him coming back to his roots as a grappler would just be incredible. People would just get to see a whole other side of him, embracing that side of his culture, which I think is really important to him, big part of his introduction to MMA. I’m definitely interested in doing something with B.J. Penn.”

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Source: MMAFighting.com