Jon Jones Jokes About Rape Allegations Against Bill Cosby, Doesn’t Believe Accusations

TMZ has done it again.

The news service caught the UFC’s light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, outside LAX and asked him about the Bill Cosby situation

Jones started by saying, “I love Bill Cosby.” He then was confused about the situation asking, “Oh yeah, supposedly, what’d he do? He raped somebody, right?”

Then he proceeded to say that the comedian was too classy and too big of a celebrity to be a rapist.

“Nah..nuh uh, not the Jello Pudding,” Jones said, launching into in a Cosby impersonation while laughing.

“Nah, I don’t think Bill Cosby would do that. I’ve never met him but from what I’ve seen, he seems to be a class act. You know? I kind of grew up admiring him as a black actor and um…I really hope that’s not true. I mean, he’s Bill Cosby, he shouldn’t have to take it they should be…”

It got worse as Jones then made hand gestures with one of his associates laughing in the background as he suggested that women throw themselves at Cosby.

Here’s the video:

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