Kenny Florian Concurs With Nick Diaz, Commentator Believes Georges St-Pierre Is ‘Scared’ To Fight Anderson Silva

Given their history, no is surprised at Nick Diaz suggesting that Georges St-Pierre is scared of Anderson Silva. What’s surprising, however, is the fact that Kenny Florian agrees with him.

“I actually think he’s right,” Florian said Wednesday on @TheBuzzer on FOX Sports 1.

“Any champion or fighter always wants the odds to be in their favor,” Florian continued. “For him to go up in weight at 185 pounds and fight a guy like Anderson Silva who many consider the greatest of all time, well, I think it’s a smart decision by Georges. Georges wanted to fight more at a catchweight of 175 (pounds), maybe even 170 pounds, where it would be in his favor.

“So is GSP scared? Yes, and that’s also what made him one of the best champions of all time.”

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