Vitor Belfort Passes First Random Blood & Urine Drug Test Ahead Of UFC 184

Good news for Vitor Belfort.

The often-criticized middleweight has passed his first random drug test ahead of his UFC 184 title shot against Chris Weidman. The news was confirmed by

Belfort was given an out-of-state blood and urine test on Nov. 1 at the request of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. His results came back clean for any and all banned substances.

The 37-year old has twice failed drug tests in the past, including a random test that was ordered on Feb. 7. That said, Belfort was still given a license to fight Weidman this summer on the conditions that he fight in Las Vegas no earlier than December, and allow himself to be tested at anytime.

“I’ll give you my definition of reasonable testing going forward from this commissioner’s perspective,” said commissioner Anthony Marnell. “That we’re going to drug test you to the day you retire. That’s my definition of reasonable. We, in my opinion, should be in and around your career until the day you call it quits.”

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